Quality Policy-1

     Our experienced company, KAYA ENGINEERING, whose principles are honesty, quality and innovation;

  • Among the Quality Management Systems, you can use the skills and skills of all employees to the highest degree.

  • Be a reliable and pilot company in an understanding that fully meets the needs and expectations of public institutions and organizations in all processes,

  • It works closely with the technological developments of the sector and works,

  • To establish the awareness of Quality Management, respect for the environment and work safety in all employees,

  • Signing projects that benefit the economy of the country in cooperation with public institutions, services and subcontractors,

  • To work with the optimum economy management by producing the most appropriate and the most correct solutions in the fastest way, to provide service with working analysis,

  • When using every project started, with the highest level of techniques

  • A useful, pilot organization that respects the society and the environment you are in,

  • To continuously develop projects with the qualities required by our age, to move the standard forward and to produce projects to be found according to the national economy,

     We have adopted and policy as Quality Policy.

Quality Policy -2

     In the fields of Expropriation Engineering Services, Surveying and Project Engineering Services, Cadastral Works, Current Map Making, Hydrographic (Bathymetric) Map Making, Photogrammetric Map Making, Strip Numeric Current Map Making Works, Zoning Plan and Zoning Application Construction Work, Construction Projects; Operating in the fields of engineering, construction, consultancy and project design, KAYA ENGINEERING takes into consideration the satisfaction of its stakeholders, public-institutions and organizations, employees, occupational health and safety rules and environmental responsibilities at every stage of its activity,

     KAYA Engineering, which is one of the important and experienced organizations of the sector, strives to improve its goal of having a voice in its field by constantly renewing itself, by using its resources effectively and planned, and to continue its growth trend with every project.

      In this direction;

  • To continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System by monitoring the changing conditions of the sector and making the necessary preparations,

  • To secure and continuously improve the quality of our services with an understanding that targets the satisfaction of public institutions and organizations,

  • Sector; to be a preferred engineering company with its service quality, reliability and competitive position,

  • Continuing the institutional structuring with the awareness that the public-institutions and organizations, our partners, our employees are part of a whole,

  • Ensuring full compliance with the current legislation on environmental and occupational health and safety with the participation of our employees,

  • To increase the quality of employees and work with continuous training and improvement activities,

  • Contributing to recycling, not harming the environment and contributing to the studies for the development of environmental awareness in the society,